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Sequence controller AST40-2 ECProduct Number:387022D
Sequence controller AST40-2 EC
Sequence controller AST40-2 EC
    Sequence controller AST40-2 EC
  • Simple initial start-up
  • Colour touch screen with 7" LCD display
  • User-friendly operating and display unit
  • Convenient screwdriving program entry via web server
  • 120 multi-step screwdriving programs via I/O interface (unlimited via fieldbus)
  • Data storage for up to 7 days within the controller
  • Integrated diagnostic functions
  • Compact, industry grade housing (protection class IP54)
  • Data ports: I/O, USB, Ethercat
  • Extensive analysis options (optional)
  • Tightening procedure for frictional values (optional)
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Software solutions
Allen-Bradley Link Allen-Bradley Link
Product Number: 190928
DEPRAG Clamp Force Control
Product Number: 109108
DEPRAG Cockpit Advanced 1 Tool Advanced1
Product Number: 145795
DEPRAG Cockpit Advanced 10 Tools Advanced10
Product Number: 145797
DEPRAG Cockpit Advanced 20 Tools Advanced20
Product Number: 145798
DEPRAG Cockpit Advanced 5 Tools Advanced5
Product Number: 145796
DEPRAG Cockpit Advanced 50 Tools Advanced50
Product Number: 145799
DEPRAG Cockpit Professional 1 Tool Professional1
Product Number: 145440
DEPRAG Cockpit Professional 10 Tools Professional10
Product Number: 142968
DEPRAG Cockpit Professional 20 Tools Professional20
Product Number: 142978
DEPRAG Cockpit Professional 5 Tools Professional5
Product Number: 142967
DEPRAG Cockpit Professional 50 Tools Professional50
Product Number: 142979
DEPRAG Cockpit Programming Samples
Product Number: 166217
DEPRAG Data eXchange
Product Number: 132680
DEPRAG Friction Value
Product Number: 201820
Open Protocol
Product Number: 178341
TIA Link
Product Number: 135839
TwinCAT Link
Product Number: 140996
Software updates
Firmware Update AST40 1 Month
Product Number: 148168
Firmware Update AST40 12 Months
Product Number: 148167
Update AST40 Complete
Product Number: 114254
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