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Sequence controller AST11-1-SProduct Number:390041B
Sequence controller AST11-1-S
Sequence controller AST11-1-S
    Sequence controller AST11-1-S
  • Simple initial start-up
  • User-friendly operating and display unit
  • Convenient screwdriving program entry via web server
  • 16 freely programmable sequences
  • Data storage for up to 7 days within the controller
  • For manual and stationary applications
  • Can be combined with DEPRAG feeding machines
  • Process function control for monitoring of number of screws per component (F Function)
  • Integrated diagnostic functions
  • Extensive analysis options (optional)
  • Compact, industry grade housing (protection class IP54)
  • Direct connection to an RS232 scanner option
  • Available ports: RS232
  • Available fieldbus modules (optional): Profibus, Profinet, Ethercat, Ethernet IP
  • Tightening procedure for frictional values (optional)
  • Integrated module "safe stop"
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Software solutions
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Software updates
Software download UPDATE AST11 Komplett
Product Number: 114271
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