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EF control ComCenter ED ADVANCEDProduct Number:103196B
EF control ComCenter ED ADVANCED
EF control ComCenter ED ADVANCED
    EF control ComCenter ED ADVANCED
With the software OS ADVANCED the range of functions of the BASIC software and additional an extended range of functions is available
  • 16 different screwdriving programs can be stored
  • Screwdriving programs can be freely compiled using the following screwdriving templates and commands:
    • assembly to torque
    • extended assembly to torque
    • assembly to angle / loosening to angle
    • DEPRAG friction value process (optional, the part no. is 201820)
    • search run / save values / waiting time
  • Statistics
  • Automatic speed reduction
  • Extended end values (7 days production)
  • DEPRAG Operator Guidance (optional, the part no. is 146536)
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Software solutions
COCKPIT Professional Demoversion Professional10 | Demo version
Product Number: 164785
Cockpit Programming Samples
Product Number: 166217
DEPRAG Cockpit Advanced 1 Tool Advanced1
Product Number: 145795
DEPRAG Cockpit Advanced 10 Tools Advanced10
Product Number: 145797
DEPRAG Cockpit Advanced 20 Tools Advanced20
Product Number: 145798
DEPRAG Cockpit Advanced 5 Tools Advanced5
Product Number: 145796
DEPRAG Cockpit Advanced 50 Tools Advanced50
Product Number: 145799
DEPRAG Cockpit Professional 1 Tool Professional1
Product Number: 145440
DEPRAG Cockpit Professional 10 Tools Professional10
Product Number: 142968
DEPRAG Cockpit Professional 20 Tools Professional20
Product Number: 142978
DEPRAG Cockpit Professional 5 Tools Professional5
Product Number: 142967
DEPRAG Cockpit Professional 50 Tools Professional50
Product Number: 142979
DEPRAG Friction Value
Product Number: 201820
DEPRAG Friction Value 10
Product Number: 172194
DEPRAG Friction Value 20
Product Number: 172209
DEPRAG Friction Value 5
Product Number: 172193
DEPRAG Operator Guidance DEPRAG Operator Guidance
Product Number: 146536
Friction Value 50
Product Number: 172229
Operator Guidance 10
Product Number: 172734
Operator Guidance 20
Product Number: 172735
Operator Guidance 5
Product Number: 172733
Operator Guidance 50
Product Number: 172736
Software updates
Update ComCenter ED V2
Product Number: 117234
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