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Interface Graph LoaderProduct Number:385834A
Interface Graph Loader
Interface Graph Loader
    Interface Graph Loader
The Interface Graph Loader is an optional accessory for the automatic transfer of screwdriving curves and final value data sets from DEPRAG screwdriving controllers. The Interface can be used with EC and EC servo screwdriving systems in combination with screwdriving controllers AST5-S and AST40. The storage of screwdriving graphs and end value data sets (e.g. torque, angle etc.) for manual work stations and screwdriving stations can be carried out automatically using the Interface Graph Loader.
The corresponding software enables immediate display on the computer screen of the current screwdriving graph, the screw assembly can be evaluated straight after completion and *csv and *bin files can be saved in individual directories.
The device requires a suitable adapter cable, a sequence controller ASTxx with screwdriver and a PC to save the data.
The software requires a free activation (118742).
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