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POWER LINE Air motor 68-S365K-0B3-09BProduct Number:118999A
The performance data relate to the below mentioned air pressure and lubricated supply air.
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Grinding, Polishing & Drilling Airmotor
Nominal Power 1.6 kW
Turn direction reversible 
Nominal speed 13 1/min
Idle speed 26 1/min
Nominal torque 1122 Nm
Start torque 1683 Nm
Stall torque 2132 Nm
Max. permissible torque 2300 Nm
Brake torque 2244 Nm
Air consumption (load) 1.9 m³/min
Air pressure 6 bar
Min. inlet hose O.D. / I.D. - / 15 
Min. exhaust hose O.D. / I.D. - / 19 
Working temperature range -20-80 °C
Max. axial force 5000 N
Max. radial force (distance a) 25000 N
Distance a 60 mm
Shaft design keyed shaft