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POWER LINE Air motor 68-003F09/IEC80/S1Product Number:125642A
The performance data relate to the below mentioned air pressure and lubricated supply air.
Standard shaft sealings are used. The tightness of the shaft seal must
be checked regularly (every 50 operating hours). The gas concentration
must be monitored, when the motor is used in closed rooms. The exhaust
gas pressure including pressure at the vent connections must not exceed
1.1 bar absolute. The natural gas must not contain water. The engine
must not be operated with sour gas. The inlet pressure must not exceed 7
bar absolute pressure.
The pump is not included in the delivery.
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Grinding, Polishing & Drilling Airmotor
Nominal Power 1.6 kW
Turn direction reversible 
Nominal speed 1500 1/min
Idle speed 3000 1/min
Nominal torque 10.2 Nm
Start torque 15.3 Nm
Stall torque 19.4 Nm
Air consumption (load) 1.9 m³/min
Air pressure 6 bar
Min. inlet hose O.D. / I.D. - / 15 
Min. exhaust hose O.D. / I.D. - / 19 
Working temperature range -20-80 °C
Max. axial force 760 N
Max. radial force (distance a) 1100 N
Distance a 20 mm
Shaft design keyed shaft